Support Our School

Help us continue to provide amazing education to the children at Broad Oak Community Primary School.

We are a group of parents, carers and local residents fighting to save our small, 100 year old rural school. On 13 June 2019, East Sussex County Council told the leadership and management of Broad Oak CP School that it planned to consult for closure for a number of reasons. Following the public meeting on 24th June the reasons cited were found to have little basis in fact and were, at best, misleading. Whilst the school is currently under capacity it is still used by nearly 90 children and the number is actually increasing. With a new head in post from September 2018, the school has been going from strength to strength following a difficult time. However, due to the "Pupil Funding Formula" small rural schools like ours face incredible pressures. There is a lot of building planned in the local areas and we know that given time and financial help this school will be full and continuing to provide excellent education for years to come. We are therefore asking for funding to help plug our shortfall to safeguard against closure. This will not only help us to campaign but will help us to carry out vital repairs, buy supplies, pay wages and ensure that the school remains a vital part of the community for many years to come.